Matchday Tickets are available for purchase online below through Ticketleap. With our new system, your ticket can easily be recovered as long as it has not been scanned prior. All tickets will now be scanned at the stadium before entrance is granted.

Once your tickets are purchased online you will have the option of either printing a paper ticket from home, downloading it to your phone, or both.


Season tickets for all four teams are now available to purchase.

Once purchased, individual match tickets will be emailed to you 48 hours before each of the selected team’s home games.

  • Men’s USL2 Team = $50 (seven home games + playoffs)
  • Men’s UPSL Premier Team = $40 (six home games + playoffs)
  • Men’s Under-23 Team = $30 (five home games + playoffs)
  • USL2 & UPSL Premier = $80 (13 home games + playoffs)
  • USL2, UPSL Premier, U23s = $90 (18 home games + playoffs)

Please select the correct team from the drop-down list when purchasing.