About Us

Founded in 2001, Philadelphia Lone Star Football Club is Philadelphia’s only pro-development soccer club competing in the USL League Two (USL2), USL Academy League (USLA), and the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL).

Philadelphia Lone Star FC is owned by Philadelphia Lone Star Football Club, Inc., a non-profit corporation and is operated by its Board of Directors.

To promote, administer, develop, provide sporting and educational opportunities, and foster a positive, fun, friendly and inclusive social sports environment for the participation of players, technical staff, and administrators through the concept of ‘soccer for all’ for the entire community.

Primarily, the two main points regarding the outcomes of our Club Mission Statement is:

  • Producing young student athletes to progress through high school to college;
  • Producing young players to play in the Senior Team(s), who then may progress to a professional level.

The overall and long-term vision of the Club is to transform our organization into an
exceptional organization both athletically and academically.

Our objective is to attain 100% high school graduation milestone for our young stars in our academy program and placement in college programs across the country.

On the playing side, the Club will continue to invest in the recruitment and development of players.

With this success, we will attract more parents from the communities of Philadelphia which will in turn boost the investment into the sustainability of the Club.

At Philadelphia Lone Star FC, a culture has developed over the years where we thrive on the fact that we can compete with so called ‘bigger clubs’ that usually have a bigger budget, a more extensive scouting network, and a bigger fan base.

We do this by having a culture where our players have an excellent work ethic allied to our technical, tactical, psychosocial, and physical skills.

The Club has a number of core values (S.T.A.R.S) that cascade down from the President, the Board of Directors, and the Management to all players, staff and supporters. The Club always tries to ensure that all values are upheld, and that it is always striving to increase and add to those core values below.


We must ensure that this is enshrined in all we do, at all levels, both on and off the pitch, and it must encompass all involved with Philadelphia Lone Star Football Club: the President/CEO, Directors, Players, Technical & Support Staff, and Supporters. The good name of Philadelphia Lone Star FC must always be foremost in our thoughts and actions.


It is our aim to unite all people involved in the Club, from the Boardroom to the Bootroom, from the Office Staff to the Playing Staff, we will strive to work together for one common aim, and that is the benefit of Philadelphia Lone Star Football Club.


Ambition is the desire to achieve the maximum performance and do things not only as well as feasibly possible, but to improve every day. It involves the use of a web of other values as varied as excellence, patience, discipline, order, motivation and responsibility.


An often-overused word that a great many pay lip service to. However, it is a word and a value that we strongly believe in at Philadelphia Lone Star Football Club. Respect officials, respect each other, respect your opponents and respect ourselves.


In order to be a top soccer club, we need to achieve maximum sporting success. However, our search for success does not end on the pitch: it extends to our office desks, the locker rooms, and our work with supporters. We strive to succeed as people and every single one of us contributes to the success of Philadelphia Lone Star Football Club.